YOU London in Ealing

Ealing Police Station was host in December to a meeting of YOU London group representatives chaired by Representative Deputy Lieutenant Richard Kornicki. Ealing borough is not new to YOU London as until a couple of years ago it ran a very good inter group competition. Extending and re-energising this was on the agenda  as well as the idea of creating a borough uniformed youth map. The meeting was attended by YOU London’s development worker Michael Nolan who said:

” At the very least  groups in the borough ought to know and be able to make contact with each other, coming together wherever that is appropriate or desireable. Several boroughs have had successful competitions and fun days which YOU London has supported financially. These have led to a better understanding and closer partnership. We wish Ealing well in its future plans.”

YOU London continues to grow across most of London’s boroughs. Early in 2017 the uniformed youth groups have been invited by London Assembly Chairman Tony Arbour AM to a reception in London’s Living Room at the Greater London Authority City Hall.