Arranging and Applying

Anyone (individuals, organisations, businesses etc) may extend an invitation to a member of the Royal Family though, because of the numerous demands, there is no certainty that an invitation will be accepted. A focus for the event such as the opening of a building, project launch or anniversary, is particularly welcome.

In all cases it is best if the invitation is submitted to the Lord-Lieutenant, via his Representative Deputy Lieutenant, for onward transmission to the Royal Household. It is not necessary to specify which member of the Royal family. Further guidance can be obtained from the Lieutenancy Office.

Types of Visit

These fall under 3 main headings as follows:

  1. Ceremonial Engagements
    1. Formal visits to towns and boroughs;
    2. Openings, inaugurations and commemorations;
    3. Civic or service occasions of a formal nature;
    4. Industrial or educational visits.
  2. Working Visits
    These visits are of a more formal nature and include:

    1. Visits to organisations of which the Royal is Patron, President or a similar appointment;
    2. Attendance at conferences, seminars or working meetings.
  3. Visits to Service Establishments and Units
    1. Usually in connection with a significant occasion, such as award of regimental colours.