Lord-Lieutenants Cadets

The Lord-Lieutenant has a role to play in supporting the military in London: regulars, reserves and cadets. To that end, he is President of the Greater London Reserve Forces’ and Cadets Association (GLRFCA): a non-political, not-for-profit organisation that supports the Volunteer Reserve Forces of the Navy, Army and Air Force, and the Cadets within Greater London. They provide an essential representative link between the military forces and the local community, raise awareness of the benefits and skills gained through part-time military service and assist with recruiting. They also maintain the Reserve Forces and Cadets estate.

Every year the Lord-Lieutenant appoints three Cadets from the Sea, Army and Air Cadets across the city to help him perform his duties.

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These Cadets are selected in recognition of the outstanding example and devotion to duty they have displayed, as a Cadet and member of the Community. During the next 12 months they will assist the Lord-Lieutenant in his duties and will attend great occasions.

Cadet Company Sergeant Major Alfie Tucker

Petty Officer Cadet Elizabeth Hill

Flight Sergeant Nicholas Amakye

Cadet Company Sergeant Major Alfie Tucker

City of London & North East Sector Army Cadet Force

CSM Alfie Tucker joined the Sector in January 2016 and has quickly established himself as a role model to other cadets, mentoring younger Cadets in detachments and Coy Level.Since he has been appointed the Cadet Company Sergeant Major for 4 Company he has also visited all Detachments within his Company, to speak with the Cadet Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and Cadets within each Detachment.

As well as achieving his 4 star military Army proficiency certificate (APC) he has also achieved his 2 star Music APC and is currently a training 3 Star musician. At Annual Camp 2019 he won the Sector Drum Major Competition and was appointed the City of London and North East Sector (CoLNES) Cadet Drum Major. He is also a Sector Corps of Drums Lead Flautist and teaches the Flute to junior Cadets and interested Cadet Force Adult Volunteers.

He has performed at a number of events, including playing the flute at the 2019 RFCA Spring Award Ceremony, and supporting the CoLNES Corps of Drums at a performance at the Tower of London. As Sector Drum Major he led the Sector Corps of Drums at the 2019 Remembrance day parade.

Some additional events that CSM Alfie Tucker has paraded over the years and most annually are; Armed Forces Day Parades, the Field of Remembrance event, The Queen’s Birthday Parade, Household Division Beating retreat at Horse Guards, St Georges Day Parade at Whitehall, Woolmen Stair Guards, YOU London event at Buckingham palace and the Lord Mayors show.

Alfie has also competed in Elworthy Sector Football and Athletic competitions, demonstrating his determination to make the most of his Cadet experience and to become wholly involved in all activities available to him. In October 2018 he successfully completed the National Cadet Leadership course.

Petty Officer Cadet Elizabeth Hill

Richmond Unit

POC Elizabeth Hill is an excellent cadet, who really came to the forefront of district and area attention when her home unit at Richmond found itself without a capable unit CO or instructional staff. As the most senior cade in the unit, she put aside her own development to design and execute a training programme for younger cadets at the unit to ensure they remained engaged and active during the period the unit spent looking for new adults.

Her enthusiasm and ability meant that, during this difficult time, the number of cadets at the unit actually increased, as did their attendance at external events, both in the community and in the wider sea cadet forum.Her imagination and selfless dedication to her unit and fellow cadets was instrumental in seeing the unit through this period of change, and such was her determination to succeed that she even convinced her own mother to volunteer, and to eventually take the role of unit CO. Together, mother and daughter have led Richmond Unit out of doldrums to become one of the most improved units in the London Area.

Now that Elizabeth is able to concentrate a little more on her own development, she has really shone toward the end of 2019, finally passing her examination board to be promoted to Petty Officer Cadet, with some of the highest marks seen for some considerable time.

Her involvement in the delivery of London Area’s National Citizen Scheme in 2019 (having graduated herself late in 2017) gave her the necessary skills to engage at a much higher level than many of her peers, and she has been a fine representative for her unit to city liveries, local dignitaries and has represented her district and London Area to potential sponsors, always conducting herself superbly.

Cadet Warrant Officer Nicholas Amakye

282 (East Ham) Sqn

FS Amakye has a wealth of cadet experience and has gained so much over the years. He most certainly takes full advantage of all that is on offer in the RAF caders. He has taken part in a wide range of cadet activities and gained many qualifications along the way.

FS Amakye has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities and has helped the squadron on various leadership courses, including squadron and sector NCO/Bronze leadership courses. His keen interest in aviation and the Royal Air Force and encouraged him to take full advantage of camp places around the UK. He has attended summer camps at RAF Cosford, RAF Marham, RAF Hendon, RAF Henlow, and RAF Leeming.

FS Amakye’s passion for helping the community is evident, from cleaning cemeteries for local trusts to travelling overseas on community-based projects. He has travelled overseas with the squadron to Ghana where he was a key team member and helped with the construction of a library for an orphanage in the deprived hilly area of Accra. He is on the team travelling to Costa Rica over Christmas 2019 to help build a conservation educational facility, where hundreds of children both from Costa Rica and around the globe will learn the importance of conservation and preservation. FS Amakye is indeed a brilliant citizen and a fantastic role-model to his peers.

FS Amakye’s dedication and commitment to duty is second to none on the squadron. He regularly parades with his band at ceremonial events, from wedding to national parades. His squadron band reached the Corps Championship in 2018 and as one of the senior members, was a key player in achieving that success.

FS Amakye, without a doubt is all the RAFAC stands for and he most certainly has a positive influence on his junior cadets who aspire to be like him.