Lord-Lieutenants Cadets

The Lord-Lieutenant has a role to play in supporting the military in London: regulars, reserves and cadets. To that end, he is President of the Greater London Reserve Forces’ and Cadets Association (GLRFCA): a non-political, not-for-profit organisation that supports the Volunteer Reserve Forces of the Navy, Army and Air Force, and the Cadets within Greater London. They provide an essential representative link between the military forces and the local community, raise awareness of the benefits and skills gained through part-time military service and assist with recruiting. They also maintain the Reserve Forces and Cadets estate.

Every year the Lord-Lieutenant appoints three Cadets from the Sea, Army and Air Cadets across the city to help him perform his duties.

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These Cadets are selected in recognition of the outstanding example and devotion to duty they have displayed, as a Cadet and member of the Community. During the next 12 months they will assist the Lord-Lieutenant in his duties and will attend great occasions.

ACF Cadet Sergeant Major R Brown Senior

SCC Cadet Leading Cadet Emily Smith

CCF Cadet Ordinary Cadet 2* Chloe Masson

ATC Cadet Flight Sergeant Jessica Creasey (RAFAC)

ACF Cadet Sergeant Major R Brown Senior

Length of Service: 4 years, 6 months

An exemplary cadet with a passion for personal development and community service, Sergeant Major Brown Senior has demonstrated remarkable versatility and dedication throughout his tenure with the ACF. Joining in September 2019 amidst the challenges of COVID-19, he adapted seamlessly to online engagements and completed all cadet courses up to Master Cadet. His musical prowess is evident, having achieved a three-star level and contributing to the Corps of Drums’ victory in the Lord Mayor’s music competition.

His commitment to service extends beyond the military, as evidenced by his Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) awards, which reflect his involvement in volunteering, physical activities, and expeditions. His pursuit of mental health awareness and cyber security courses showcases his holistic approach to personal growth.

Looking ahead, Sergeant Major Brown Senior aspires to the role of Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) and aims to pursue a degree in Economics in London. His ultimate goal is to become a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer (CFAV) to mentor and give back to the community that has enriched his life.


  • Best cadet in the Coy, honoured by the Worshipful Company of Constructors Livery
  • Recipient of JP awards
  • Winner of the Lord Mayor’s music competition with the Corps of Drums

Future Aspirations:

  • Attain the position of Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM)
  • Study Economics at a university in London
  • Become a CFAV to contribute to the ACF community

Sergeant Major Brown Senior’s journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment and the diverse skills he has honed within the ACF. His achievements are a beacon of inspiration, embodying the spirit of leadership, learning, and service.

SCC Leading Cadet Emily Smith

Length of Service: 7 years

Emily has been a Sea Cadet for nearly seven years, joining Tooting & Balham Unit as a Junior Sea Cadet aged 10. A genuine all-rounder, her love of music and her ability as a musician has dictated that her my favourite thing about being a sea cadet is being a part of the London Area Sea Cadets Band. She is an accomplished French horn player and has recently played at the Lord Mayor’s Show and in the SCC Massed Band at the National Trafalgar Day parade.

She is currently studying maths, biology, chemistry and music as A levels, and afterwards hopes to study either medicine or music at university. Emily’s ambition is to eventually join the Royal Marines Band Service.
For now, though, she is enjoying coaching and mentoring younger cadets, concentrating on promotion to Petty Officer Cadet and looking forward to a year working with the Lord Lieutenant.

ATC Flight Sergeant Jessica Creasey (RAFAC)

Length of Service: 5 years

Flight Sergeant Jessica Creasey joined 34F (Balham & Tooting) Squadron in 2019 and has served with distinction ever since. She has participated and excelled in a wide range of activities including Air Cadet Leadership Course, Cadet First Aid Instructors Course, Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to name only a few.

Flight Sergeant Creasey is an excellent shot who has represented her Wing at both ISCRM & CISSAM collecting a prestigious Cadet 50 in both 2022 and 2023. Whilst competing at a national level in these national shooting competitions she has brought home a number of medals and team trophies. She now intends on supporting the delivery of the shooting syllabus by coaching more junior cadets through the syllabus.

Flight Sergeant Creasey uses her experience and enthusiasm to encourage her peers to explore the full cadet experience. She regularly supports Squadron, Sector and Wing level training in areas such as First Aid, Leadership and Drill Instruction.

Flight Sergeant Creasey is a truly excellent Cadet who is an ambassador for everything our cadets can achieve and is a role model for her peers.

CCF Ordinary Cadet 2* Chloe Masson

Ordinary Cadet 2* Masson has always been interested in the Royal Navy, but has taken the opportunity to also learn other skills on offer as a part of CCF. She gets involved with her community frequently, being a keen member of Southwark Youth Parliament and volunteering at different CCF functions such as the YouLondon conference in 2022. She has also got involved in shooting and sailing receiving her competent crew from RYA, motivating her to give talks to promote and educate people about the importance of a diverse armed forces and promotion of equality. She is a keen cricketer and a really good shot.