Our Role

As His Majesty’s Representative in Greater London the Lord-Lieutenant is charged with responsibility for five core areas of activity, all of which with a focus on enhancing Londoners’ sense of belonging to the city and the country:

  • Royal visits – receiving members of the Royal Family at visits in Greater London, receiving visiting Heads of State to the UK in Greater London, and helping organise said visits;
  • Honours and awards – promoting national honours and awards, organising the presentations of the British Empire Medal to recipients in London, validating local nominations, and supporting the King’s Awards for Enterprise and Voluntary Service;
  • Military liaison – supporting the local military (regulars, reserves and cadets) in concert with the Greater London Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association, of which the Lord-Lieutenant is President;
  • Civic and charity support – working closely with elected representatives in London’s 32 Borough Councils and the Greater London Authority to pursue mutually beneficial objectives; and
  • Community engagement – encouraging and supporting positive community cohesion and engagement.
  • Recognising the Lieutenancy
  • Precedence and Protocol